Directed by: Patrick Brice

Written by: Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass

Starring: Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass

Reviewed by: Brad Williamson

Genre: Horror

Score: 3/5

This type of movie is the reason I give random low-budget films a chance. Most of the time I turn them off before they finish, but sometimes, like with Creep, you get pleasantly surprised. To be clear: Creep is not a masterpiece and is far from perfect. It is, however, a uniquely executed horror movie; it’s also one of the best found footage films I can remember ever watching.

The primary reason Creep works so well is its laser focus. From the title of the film, to the characters’ interactions, to their disorienting and strange behaviors, Patrick Brice never lets you forget that the movie is about, above all else, a creep. It’s not about scaring you. It’s not even trying to creep you out. It’s one of those rare horror films that is less horror and more psychological; it inserts you into the creep’s world, makes you guess what might happen next, and forces you to think about what kind of people do certain things and make questionable decisions.

It is undeniably awkward and strange at times, but it’s never overtly brutal or overdone for cheap thrills. Every scene is subtle, building on the conversation and plot earlier in the film. Brice even innovates the found footage format with surprises throughout the conclusion that give the way it’s been filmed and shot extra meaning instead of relegating it to a gimmick.

Although there are only two actors in the movie, they both do a nice job. A sort of chemistry even develops despite the creepiness and odd behavior. Throughout the film you almost forget that you’re not watching both characters on screen. Brice is behind the camera for most of the movie, but you still get to know him. I’ve rarely seen this format filmed in such a natural and unintrusive manner.

The writing is also pretty good. No, it’s not perfect, but there are lines that at first seem absurd and ridiculous that stick with you long after the movie ends. Add to that the lack of useless chatter and cliche build-up and you have an above average script, especially considering the same two men also directed and starred in the film.

I’m not here to rain down praise and claim Creep is the next cult masterpiece, but I will say it’s a good film for fans of both the horror and crime genres. I will also say that the tiny production team (did both men really do everything?) did more with this film than massive crews have done with movies that had both much larger budgets and source material. Even if you don’t love the movie, there’s no denying the potential and talent within both Brice and Duplass.

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