The Belgariad: Volume V – Enchanters’ Endgame

The Belgariad: Volume V - Enchanters' Endgame

Written by: David and Leigh Eddings

Reviewed by: Brad Williamson

Genre: Fantasy

Score: 4.5/5

The concluding chapter of The Belgariad begins with an exciting voyage into the final unexplored region, starting the finale off with a slew of exciting escapes and revelations. We receive an avalanche of fascinating lore in a short span of time with new political intrigue regarding the Mallorean kingdoms, new views into godless tribes, and yet more types of magic that exist throughout the world.

Then the focus pivots to the western kingdoms, culminating in all-out war, leaving us unsure how Garion, Belgarath, and Silk are faring for much of the novel. Instead of being frustrating, however, this rackets up the suspense while adding a depth to many of the periphery characters that we’ve come to love.

The pace of this series is one of its best traits, but Enchanters’ Endgame takes the usual fast pace and revs the engine up to turbo-charged; everything happens with such ferocious haste and urgency that you feel the final scenes rushing at you, yet no clarity, prose, or plot holes are sacrificed in the name of this momentum. It feels natural, as if everything has built up to this, that there is no other path onward.

In the end, everything is answered and the conclusion is one of the purest the genre has to offer. I recommend this series to everyone who enjoys books of any kind.

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