The Harrowing

The Harrowing

Written by: Alexandra Sokoloff

Reviewed by: Joe Bones

Genre: Horror

Score: 3/5

Really enjoyed this book. This horror novel is like ‘The Breakfast Club” meets “The Haunting.” It takes the best elements of those two stories and mixes them into a great piece of horror fiction. The narrative has great pacing that simultaneously keeps you riveted while never going so fast that the end loses the same flow as the beginning. I personally had trouble relating to the characters but that didn’t limit my enjoyment. Sometimes with this kind of book it’s fun to root for the supernatural element to win.

The narrative also features a hint of mystery. Enough intrigue to keep you guessing but not so much that the ending is convoluted or one that leaves the reader with plot holes. My favorite part about this novel was that Kabala factors deeply into the story. I always enjoy paranormal stories where the supernatural element isn’t based on Christian mythology. If you are in the mood for a good paranormal story, especially one that features a group of partying college kids, then this is the novel for you.

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