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2021 Gravity Award Longlist

The 2021 Gravity Award Longlist

After a very successful inaugural Gravity Award last year, we have been pleasantly inundated by a flood of great stories. The following 13 stories and authors have been chosen for our second annual longlist and we present them here in no particular order:


Duppy by Elizabeth Ramsay

Silver Lining by GB Burgess

Ravenous Particles by Leland Neville

Coldblooded by J. Tyler Pace

The Haunting of the Jabberwocky by Ian Charles Douglas

Destroyer of Worlds by Liam Hogan

The Pigeon Keeper’s Brother by Ali LaForce

Intervals by Rob Perrier

Tri-State by Kamen Pavloff

Survival Pod 300 by James Rumpel

Escape Vector by Mike Adamson

Machine Intelligences Don’t Care about the Fermi Paradox by Jetse de Vries

Another Day at the Office by Tom Howard



Shortlist Announcement:

Congratulations to all our writers! From among these stories the finalists and winner will be chosen. The shortlist will be revealed on April 2nd, so make sure to check back  for further news. Until then, we wish everyone only the best.

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