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Ottoneu Auctioneering Series Part V: On Using and Customizing PoTP Speadsheets

By: Brad Williamson

Topic: Ottoneu, PoTP spreadsheets

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In the spreadsheet at the end of this post you’ll find 5 worksheets: Fangraphs Points, SABR Points, 4X4 Rotisserie, 5X5 Rotisserie, and Waiver Wire. In each section of this post I will briefly describe how to use the worksheets for your own Ottoneu leagues, and how to tweak them for custom formats. All the forms are pre-filled for visualization purposes, but to use them you must only change the values to fit your situation.

Fangraphs Points and SABR Points

In the top-left you will see the input field for your season’s points goal, so input your goal, whatever that is. Next are separate rows for pitcher and batter statistics. This is where you will enter your predictions for the player in question. You can do one pitcher and one batter simultaneously if you wish, or only one, but the two rows will not affect each other’s outputs. After you input your predictions the worksheet will output your player’s points earned per category, total points, PoTP, price, exception price, and big exception price.

There are a couple things you can customize here, but you shouldn’t need to do much if you’re using the Fangraphs or SABR sheets for a Fangraphs Points or SABR Points Ottoneu league. You can change your goal. You can also change the predictions; you can enter ranges of numbers in various categories to see how fluctuations in a certain statistic will change their price. If you disagree with my assessment of 75%, 100%, and 150% of PoTP price, then you can even change these percentages. To do this, simply go to the box you wish to change. In the normal price field you will see the function is multiplied by .75. Change this according to the percentage you prefer, and this goes for the exception and big exception fields as well.

4X4 and 5X5 Rotisserie

At the top of these sheets are the inputs for the 80th percentile values. Below this are rows for predictions and their percentages of the percentile values. Below that follow comprehensive percentages, prices, exception prices, and big exception prices.

Customizing each of these sheets is easy. You can adjust the 80th percentile values year-to-year, or even change them to a different percentile if you’d like. In the price, exception, and big exception boxes you will see calculations that factor in a $400-dollar budget; if you need to change this you can do so very easily by simply entering a different budget in the formula. They are also calculated using the 50%, 75%, and 100% values discussed in the previous essays of this series, but if you’d like to change these values, you can do it in the same way you did for the Points league sheets.

Waiver Wire

This sheet also starts with your budget in the top-left. Then comes your rest of season goals followed by your rest of season predictions. The sheet will then output your categorical percentages. Then comes your PoTP and finally, your value. You can simply adjust the budget according to your remaining FAAB money, your goals, and predictions by inputting your desired values.

Using the Sheets in Non-Ottoneu Leagues

For those who don’t play Ottoneu, these spreadsheets remain useful. The points and rotisserie sheets are prepared similarly, so depending on your traditional league, simply use the relevant sheet, points for points and rotisserie for rotisserie.

To manipulate the points league sheets you need only substitute, add, or delete your custom counting stats and percentages, and input your goals and predictions. Then, calculate your league’s custom statistical point values in the points rows. In the total points rows simply add any inputs you’ve added beyond the original sheet. Finally, in the price and exception rows, you can change your budget within the formulas from $400 to whatever your league’s budget is. These points league manipulations are by far the easiest to customize.

While the rotisserie sheets will be slightly more difficult, they shouldn’t be too much of a problem. First, add or delete the statistics you need to for the sheet to fit your league. Then input your desired percentile goals and predictions. In the comprehensive percentage formula, the counting statistics are added and divided by the total number of statistics the league uses; in a 4X4 divide by 4, in a 5X5 divide by 5, and so on. For percentage statistics such as average or WHIP, the differences are all added together and divided by 10 before being added to the previous division calculation. If you’re using a percentage statistic not already present on the sheet, simply enter an extra set of parentheses here that calculates the difference between your goal and prediction and add it to the other percentage calculations before dividing by 10. This will give you a new comprehensive percentage. The only other thing that might need changing is if you disagree with my 50%, 75%, and 100% exception prices, so change those as you see fit.

The waiver wire sheet can be modified easily by adding columns and doing a simple calculation in the percentages row. Then insert that new percentage into the PoTP box by either including it in the first part of the formula if it is a counting statistic, or by adding it to the end of the formula if its a percentage. And be sure to delete any statistics from this formula that your league doesn’t use, but make sure you divide the first part of the formula by the proper number of statistics being used.

And that’s it; we hope you enjoy the sheets! Here they are:

PoTP Spreadsheets

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